The Pacifictech Workflow Solutions are a suite of modules that have been expressly designed to streamline business processes including procurement and approvals eliminating unnecessary additional steps & processes.

This complete solution efficiently manages and automates the tasks involved in business processes, including managing documents throughout the workflow process. The workflow application routes data along a predefined path until the transaction in the process is completed.

A critical component of Pacifictech Workflow is the notification component which delivers timely information to parties involved in the requisition / approval process. Source documents can be automatically attached to notification emails saving precious time.

The Pacifictech Workflow modules allow the configurations of delegated authorities to match the organisations policies and supports multiple approval steps.


Pacifictech Procurement Workflows provides simple and efficient requisitioning user interfaces. Configurable options allow or restrict access to key fields depending on user roles or specific predefined user settings.

Workflows can be designed and created to handle requisitioning requirements based specifically on the business needs.

Pacifictech Workflow applications help business owners automate their business processes and enables them to tightly control & manage their procurement system.

AP Automation

Pacifictech AP Automation provides and a comprehensive solution for handling supplier invoices in a paperless environment. It incorporates automated data extraction utilising machine learning technology to remove manual data entry delivering cost savings and allowing AP staff to work on more productive value added activities.

Pacifictech products Included in this suite:

Purchasing Workflow

Purchasing workflow provides a sophisticated workflow engine with configurable rules, routing and approval functions. An easy-to-use requisition interface creates documents that are controlled through the workflow process. Purchasing workflow enables organisations to tightly control & manage their procurement system.

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Vendor Catalogs

Vendor catalogs stores advanced information to allow the accurate calculation of pricing from sophisticated buying agreements. With this ability and many other options and settings in the catalog, purchasing workflow can make powerful purchasing suggestions.

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Payables Workflow

Payables workflow provides essential functionality for Sage 300 sites looking to automate and streamline their payables process. Organisations can now input supplier invoices (including scan) and have the document submitted to workflows for required approvals.

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Workflow Documents

Documents allows organizations with complex or technical approval demands to attach files to the transaction document. Rapid access to all relevant information enables streamlined workflow processes and process improvements.

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Workflow & Notifications

Workflow & notifications provides an essential component for Sage 300 solutions. Organisations can now design and implement workflows that reflect their desired process management & authority controls. Workflows within Sage 300 exist.

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Funds Availability

Funds availability adds real-time budget checking and budget override functions to purchasing workflow, these extensions provide the sophisticated tools to organisations where budgetary management is a critical element of the procurement process.

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