The Pacifictech Control and Compliance modules provide visibility and complete transparency of user actions within Sage 300. These solutions register user actions, security setting alterations & data modifications within Sage 300 creating a strong internal control environment.


Record changes where auditability is required for risk prevention or financial compliance.

Risk Management

Blocking avenues within Sage 300 to prevent fraudulent activities.


Applies approval mechanisms to transactions and records key data field changes.


Clarify parameters for achieving compliance within the global regulations and standards including GDPR.

Budget Controls

Prevents and/or alerts to transactions that exceed budgets

Transaction Review and Approval

Workflows enforce reviews and approval of high risk transaction types.

Master Data Management


Pacifictech products Included in this suite:

Advanced Stock Take (Physical Inventory Count)

Advanced stock (physical inventory count) take provides a new document type within Sage 300, making the stock take process more efficient and manageable with a clear audit trail.

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Audit Logger

Audit logger for Sage 300 provides organisations with an auditing tool that registers user actions, security alterations & data modifications. Audit logger for Sage 300 is an essential component to deliver a complete internal control solution.

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Commitment Accounting

Commitment accounting for Sage 300 provides advanced fiscal management reporting of budgetary position that includes outstanding purchase orders.

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Internal Issues

Internal issues for Sage 300 provides an easy-to-use facility to issue inventory from a central store to a cost centre within the company, this transaction depletes inventory and charges the inventory cost to the appropriate gl expense accounts for the cost centre.

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Key Communications

Key communications simplifies sending documents via email to customers & vendors directly from within the Sage 300 environment. Sending via email has never been simpler to implement. A copy of the email is recorded within Sage 300 for reference by other users.

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Workflow & Notifications

Workflow & notifications provides an essential component for Sage 300 solutions. Organisations can now design and implement workflows that reflect their desired process management & authority controls. Workflows within Sage 300 exist.

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