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The Challenge

As a busy organisation providing a range of different services, The Tradies Group is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve its operations and make them more efficient. Everything from front-of-house offerings to back-office support functions are regularly reviewed.

As part of this process, an upgrade of the company’s Sage accounting package was undertaken early in 2021. This upgrade was designed to ensure the accounting team had access to the latest features and could complete their tasks as quickly as possible.

During the upgrade process, the company’s management team realised that improvements were required to the way in which invoices were being approved for payment. Processing was often hampered because busy staff delayed approvals which had a knock-on effect for suppliers.

The Solution

Accsys Consulting, the team undertaking the Sage upgrade, informed management that a new mobile phone app had been developed by Pacifictech that could readily integrate with the upgraded Sage software.

“We could see that this could add considerable value to our operations and so further investigation was undertaken,” says Carol Sawyer, Chief Financial Officer, The Tradies Group. “On closer inspection, it became clear that it would suit our operations and streamline the invoice approval process.”

Deployment of the app began in February 2021 and was completed in just 2 weeks. The app’s intuitive user interface meant that no staff training was required and it was quickly put to use across the company.

The Benefits

  • Quick & Easy Access to Approval Documents Managers are now able to view invoices on their phones and open attachments to check associated original documentation.
  • Fast Turnaround of Approvals Managers are able to quickly approve invoices from any location, significantly reducing the time taken for processing. Where previously invoices had taken around a week to be approved, this is now regularly completed on the same day as they are received.
  • Improved end-of-month reporting processesThey no longer have to chase invoices as they are all ready and waiting thanks to the easy approval offered by the app.
  • Streamlining established business processesAs well as serving the requirements of The Tradies Group, the company’s finance team also provides services for a range of external organisations. These entities have also adopted the new app and report significant improvements in invoice approval times.

The Conclusion

“The app has been positively received by everyone that uses it,” says Sawyer. “I have never seen invoices get approved so fast since the app was put in. This means our suppliers are paid more quickly which is great for them also.”

As well as assisting the performance of the finance team, Sawyer says the app has demonstrated how mobile technologies can assist to streamline established business processes. “It has delivered immediate and significant business benefits to us and provided real value to the organisation.

“I would not hesitate to recommend it to any organisation that is using the Sage finance application.”

Carol Sawyer. Chief Financial Officer. The Tradies Group.

“Managers love the freedom of not having to be at their desk to get work done. The Pacifictech mobile app creates the opportunity to make use of dead time to do productive work and is so intuitive there is no need for training.”

Anthony Yager. Director. Accsys Consulting.


A Canberra institution for more than 50 years, The Tradies Group is a licenced community club in Dickson. With a range of bars, dining options and accommodation, the club serves more than20,000 customers every year. The staff of 120 provide first-class service for both club members and guests.