Leading Accounts Payable Automation Solution

Payables Workflow in the Sage 300 desktop provides “paperless AP”, and can deliver savings of up to 50% of the AP function. DPS provides another level of efficiency gain over and above Payables Workflow.

Data Extraction

Invoices submitted into the DPS Connected Service arrive in DPS Console inside Sage 300 within 5 minutes, ready for AP to review them and make any changes necessary before they are submitted into the approval workflow (for vendors that have been trained). Training of DPS is carried out on 5 invoices for each vendor – this function is done by AP staff i.e. it does not require a consultant to do this.

Tightly Integrated with Sage 300

Vendor settings from AP for taxes and default GL codes are utilised by DPS.
Document Processing Service [DPS]

Third Generation Technology Including Machine Learning

The advanced technology included in DPS is a leap ahead from the approach used by second generation OCR systems, where the system looks in a specific location for a field. With DPS if the field is moved to a different location on the invoice, the data continues to be extracted successfully.

Web Approvals

If Pacifictech’s PW-Web Connected Service is also enabled, supplier invoices can be approved form a web browser including on a smartphone. This approach enables approves to interact with Sage 300 data without needing to log in to Sage 300.

Technical Design

DPS is the second Pacifictech Connected Service that leverages the power of the Pacifictech Workflow solutions and Sage 300.

Pacifictech provides the Connected Service which communicates with the customers “on-premises” implementation of Sage 300 via web services.

Business Model

DPS is charged on a subscription basis based on volume tiers. The per transaction charge reduces for higher volumes. A service contract is mandatory between the customer and Pacifictech as the service provider.

Main Features

  • Automated extraction of data from supplier invoice files
  • Saves time so that AP staff are freed up to focus on value-ad tasks
  • Can handle multiple file formats
  • Next generation technology incorporating machine learning


The on-premise installation must be operating Sage 300, with the Payables Workflow product being activated and properly implemented.

The DPS Web Service must be accessible to the Pacifictech Web Infrastructure via the Internet; refer to the whitepaper on security implementation best practices.

Browser Support:
All modern browsers

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