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Date: Wednesday, 29th November to Wednesday, 29th November 2023
Time: North American Times

Please join us as we present these solutions to show how they register user actions, security setting alterations and data modifications - creating a strong internal control environment that reduces risk and minimizes fraudulent activity.

Main benefits:
• Auditability: Records changes where auditability is required for risk prevention or financial compliance.
• Risk Management: Blocks avenues within Sage 300 to prevent fraudulent activities.
• Controls: Applies approval mechanisms to transactions and records key data field changes.
• Regulations: Clarify parameters for achieving compliance within the global regulations and standards including GDPR
• Budget Controls: Prevents and/or alerts to transactions that exceed budgets
• Transaction Review and Approval: Workflows enforce reviews and approval of high value/high risk transaction types
• Master Data Management: helps to ensure the accuracy, stewardship, semantic consistency and accountability of the company’s official shared master data assets

Date: Wednesday 29 November 2023
Time Zones:
2:00pm – New York | Toronto
1:00pm - Chicago
11:00pm – Los Angeles | Vancouver

Duration: 60 minutes

Please join us for this webinar by registering from the link below. Customers are welcome so feel free to pass this registration to any of your Customers that may wish to attend.