Workflow & Notifications

Control your workflow, don’t let it control you.


Time is always of the essence in business. Ensuring that your workflow and schedule is organised and managed each day will mean you’re always on your toes and ready to take advantage of changing market conditions.


PTS’ Workflow & Notifications tool within Sage 300 will mean you are always in the driver’s seat and in command of your management processes.


The application is very easy to configure and implement – a workflow can be designed and up-and-running within just a few hours.


Version 6.0 onwards has the ability to coordinate and synchronize other Sage 300 systems within your network, offering wide-ranging control and clarity. Updates of other Sage 300 entities and initiation of other related processes within the system can be made through Workflow & Notifications.


The streamlining of processes across multiple applications is a key benefit of which you’ll see instant results in terms of time efficiencies. We’ve fully developed the tool using the Sage 300 Software Development Kit (SDK) to ensure its compatibility and availability on all Sage 300 databases and platforms.


A query builder facility accommodates and deals with the changing nature of business in your workflow. It allows for easy configuration of evaluation criteria so that additions and changes can be seamlessly included in your workflow for further processing. We’ve designed it so that key fields from views are available for selection in the queries. View fields are presented using their description rather than the database field name.


The entities covered by Workflow & Notifications include: Customers, Vendors, GL Journals, AP Payments and OE Orders, as well as key set-up views such as Account Sets and Groups.


Our constant research and development at PTS means numerous additional entities will be added in the near future.


Workflow & Notifications benefits include:

  1. A query builder facility that will accommodate and deal with the changing nature of business
  2. E-mail notifications sent using SMTP, which will work with most e-mail systems
  3. Easy to use Approval Console for managers to review and approve or decline additions/changes
  4. Full audit trail of workflow/notification events and approvals/declines