Internal Issues

Eliminate costing, invoicing and transaction delays and issues.


Systematising your company transactions will bring valuable timesaving and operational cost-efficiencies and lessen the risk of internal financial issues. It will also ensure communication and records relating to your industry stakeholders and partners are up to date and always traceable.


Our add-on module, Internal Issues for Sage 300, grants a streamlined facility that issues inventory from a central store to a cost centre within your organisation. Cost centres are a vital concept of this application as a means of effectively categorising and organising your inventory and services. 


The system assigns existing inventory and services to the appropriate cost centres without delay, while automatically directing charges to the appropriate general ledger accounts for the specific cost centre. 


The cost centre determines the appropriate general ledger expense code to use when inventory is shipped.


Internal Issues benefits include:

  1. A single system approach with the ability to post transactions to either a single or multiple cost centres.
  2. General ledger accounts that are determined by a base expense account set by category, with a cost centre override.
  3. Multiple units of measures supported.
  4. Multiple costing methods supported: average, standard, most recent and user-specified.
  5. Transactions that can be entered, saved and retrieved later for changes prior to posting.
  6. An Internal Issue Order form is available for selecting items.
  7. An Internal Issue Shipment form is available for shipping items to the receiving department.
  8. Full support for Accpac Unlimited Optional Fields
  9. An Internal Issue Returns function allows users to return items that were originally issued on a shipment transaction to a cost centre.
  10. A full support feature that allows you to issue Non-Stock Items, which is a great solution to internally charge consulting, IT or any other service to cost centres.
  11. A security group that provides the ability to alter the issuing IC location on the Internal Issue Order document.



Internal Issues Brochure