Advanced Stock Take

Improve the ease of use, productivity and functionality during Stock Takes.


Advanced Stock Take replaces the standard Sage 300 Physical Inventory with new programs including a Stock Take Document that improves the ease of use, productivity and functionality - plus introduces important controls and auditability to the Stock Take process.


In more complex inventory stores, Advanced Stock Take provides the ability to have multiple Stock Take documents open simultaneously for the same Inventory Location.


Advanced Stock Take benefits include:

  1. Review Stock Take history; every Stock Take transaction is recorded indefinitely.
  2. Set a default Stock Take Unit for each Item.
  3. Perform a Stock Take in different UOM’s for a single item, and have this persisted as it was counted in the Stock Take document.
  4. Barcodes can be recorded against the various units for each item thus allowing scanner based utilities on various units.
  5. Configurable Stock Take Number, the prefix and the length as standard Sage 300 behaviour.
  6. Create an ad hoc Stock Take Document, no requirement to generate the worksheet as a preparatory step.
  7. Add new or missing items to an existing Stock Take worksheet.