Maximise the mobility and accessibility of your procurement systems with an unprecedented level of capability.


If you want to achieve the ultimate productivity, accessibility and efficiency in your purchasing workflow systems, Purchasing Workflow for the Web (PW-Web) is the addition for you. 


At PTS, we’ve developed this product to meet the growing demand of companies for instantaneous requisitioning ability from anywhere, at anytime. With PW-Web, there’s minimum effort involved in enabling a broad array of staff within an enterprise distributed over many cost centres, many sites and many countries to be instantly supplied with a browser based, fully integrated requisitioning system that will adhere to the most demanding authorisation processes.


PW-Web works with an organisation’s existing Sage 300 solution or as a stand-alone solution to offer an advanced level of capability and value.


As with all PTS products, PW-Web promotes best practices within companies. Configurable routing and faster processing of sophisticated approval lines delivers greater efficiencies, while the system also checks budgets and routes requisitions accordingly based on funds availability, banishing the need for a physical paper trail. 


PW-Web has been rigorously tested on iPads: a key feature of the solution notifies senior executives of pending requisitions routed to them so that they can instantly makes approvals. This flexibility and ease of use will promote a reduction in approval latency and thereby provide significant intangible benefits to the health and pace that an organisation can operate.


Watch your company’s purchasing workflow productivity thrive through the convenience of this innovation.   



PW-Web Brochure