PTS Connected Services

Eliminate the security dilemma from cloud-based business management systems and reap the liberating benefits. 


A new benchmark in savvy cloud solutions

The cloud has been responsible for the dawn of a new era of technology solutions across the globe. At PTS, we’ve been innovating for ten years in this area with accomplished success, but it’s our latest products that are about to set the benchmark.


A regular objection to cloud based systems is the uneasiness about projecting a company’s core financial data into the cloud to achieve mobility and the promised results of data access anywhere, anytime.


The best of all worlds

Our latest Connected Services developments provide the best of both worlds and eliminate any fears of data insecurity or loss through a new hybrid innovations. You will be able to keep your Sage 300 data on-premise and under tight control, while also reaping the liberating benefits of cloud based solutions that permit a break away from the typical constraints of an on-premise installation.


PTS offers a number of Connected Services that will maximise functionality and value and work in conjunction with your Sage 300 solution. 


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