Fuel Distribution

Stay at the competitive edge of a complex industry with specialised systems.

After 20 years of IT expertise in the petroleum industry, we know the demands of this highly competitive global industry. We’re familiar with the intricacies and highly competitive nature of wholesale distribution of petroleum and subsequent retail operations.

Our extensive research and development in this field means we can provide what your company needs to be the most efficient, cost effective and productive it can be. PTS has crafted specific fuel distribution software to allow your business to operate smoothly and accurately.

Our advanced software is easy to use and covers the key functions required by the fuel distribution industry such as forecasting, reporting, replenishment, inventory control, logistics, advanced pricing and discounting capabilities.

This comprehensive and unique package comprises a PTS OnBoard tablet solution, which is linked to the Sage 300 environment to ensure credit control is managed in real-time out to the delivery point.

For our retail clients we are able to integrate our fuel distribution software with all popular C-Store systems to provide powerful ERP capability, so you can carefully manage your store’s inventory at all times.

Please refer to our collection of Success Stories in “About PTS” to hear how our clients have been able to run their operations more efficiently than ever thanks to our innovative software