Industry Solutions

Our needs-based approach and constant innovation has seen the development of industry-specific systems you can count on.


Proven track record in research and development

Our persistent focus on innovation, research and development over 20 years means PTS is able to offer specialised software packages to meet the unique needs of specific industries.


In addition to our extensive range of proven products, PTS has developed targeted IT solutions for various global industries, including hospitality, mining, healthcare, NFP and fuel distribution.


Your industry, our focus

We’ve developed an intimate understanding of the challenges each industry faces and around that built a proud track record of identifying ways our unique software and technology can grow each business in a way no other provider can. The resulting specially crafted systems tackle industry best practice hurdles to provide the most reliable solutions for productivity and excellence.


Often the solution lies in combining several PTS products to meet a client’s precise requirements. Thanks to our collaborative and modular approach, we can develop and evolve your systems as your business does. This means your IT infrastructure will always be functional, efficient and easy-to-use, without the cumbersome costs and issues usually associated with such changes. 


Accessible and responsive customer care

Our continued customer care and service after the initial installation of our products will ensure that you, your staff and business is always supported. We are proud to offer this level of instantly accessible and exceptional customer service. We welcome enquiries about new industry opportunities.