Application Development

Our goal: your profitability.


Stay on pace and don’t let the legacy of dated applications let your organisation down.


With the success of long-standing business can come outdated and cumbersome technology and software applications. To stay competitive and efficient your software and systems need to move with the times.


But in today’s rapidly changing IT environment there are countless application development approaches and knowing the right path to choose can be a tough decision.


We take the effort and hassle out of addressing such issues with a comprehensive, cost-effective approach that puts knowing your business, its unique needs and software requirements, at the centre of all assignment. 


If you have a legacy business application that needs to be modernised or a business productivity concept that you wish to implement, PTS has the experience and expertise to provide professional guidance and develop a strategic road map to deliver your desired results.


We have vast experience and a proven track record in a variety of modern approaches that can be mixed and matched to meet your individual needs and budget. Our highly skilled team of software design and development experts not only create new applications – from desktop and web to cloud solutions and mobile apps – but they are equipped to replace whole legacy systems as well.


The PTS software engineering team is dedicated to constantly improving its internal methodologies, adopting and refining many modern systems and development techniques to achieve high quality results and productivity gains for you.


Our goal is simply to increase your productivity and profitability through the use of smart and integrated IT solutions.