Exchange Solutions

Solve your email functionality issues, fast. 


Your email systems should be serving you, not the other way round. But the reality is often quite different.


PTS provides a number of solutions that will ensure your email systems operate the way you need them to and it comes down to your Exchange Server.


An Exchange Server controls your email processing, contacts, calendar and other tasks and is a critical service for any modern organisation. Exchange Servers are the single biggest IT commodity in the global economy, yet they are rarely configured to suit individual businesses.


PTS has created a number of Exchange Server products and services so you can outsource the IT support needed to operate them. This will allow your internal IT staff to focus on more strategic technology innovations to help grow your business, rather than waste precious resources running your basic email system.


We’ve gathered more than 20 years experience dealing with different Exchange Servers and the various challenges they can present.



Options include:


Managed Exchange

Email is critical to most organisations, but the infrastructure required to run it can prove costly and waste the valuable time of your IT staff. By outsourcing your Exchange infrastructure management to PTS, you can free up your in-house IT experts to concentrate on projects that will help make a difference to your customers and your bottom line.


Replicated Exchange

Email outages are unacceptable in this day and age and can cost businesses significant time and money.  We can provide a shadow infrastructure known as a Replicated Exchange to limit any disruption caused if your in-house Exchange Server should break down. Whenever updates are made on your core Exchange Server, the information is automatically replicated in our facilities and can easily be accessed should a problem ever arise.


Cloud Mail

Outsourcing email to a cloud provider can solve a major headache for many small to medium-sized organisations wanting to free up space on their in-house platform. This solution works particularly well for mobile organisations that have lots of staff on the road using different types of devices to access their emails.


Regional Capability

Last updated: Jun-2011


      Africa       No
  Asia       Cloud Mail Only
  Australia & NZ       All Services
  Europe       Cloud Mail Only
  North America       Cloud Mail Only