DR Solutions

Be ready for anything.


When you work with PTS, it won’t cost a lot to protect your company’s most valuable data and information. But imagine the cost of not doing so?


If your business doesn’t currently have disaster recovery plan in place to deal with an emergency, you could be putting your company at risk of continued operation, or in the worst cases, of economic collapse. Too many companies take their surroundings and environment for granted, rather than planning for worst case scenarios. If this sounds familiar, let PTS take the worry away with our proven disaster recovery systems and technology.


Our private cloud facilities and high speed internet access makes it easy to operate a basic Disaster Recovery system on a minimal budget.


Depending on what level of our Disaster Recovery Solutions you choose to have, PTS can use its scalable model to quickly recover key systems and applications for you. These solutions are modulated, so that we can adapt them to protect the most crucial parts of your infrastructure first and then follow up with the protection of lower priority areas when time and budget allows.


Our solutions are cost effective and can up and running very quickly. Areas you ought to consider safeguarding include email access,single or multi node networks, application accessibility and file systems.


If your business already has an on-site server, a Disaster Recover plan may involve hosting your hardware in a back-up location.


PTS is here to help.


Regional Capability

Last updated: Jun-2011


      Africa       No
  Asia       No
  Australia & NZ       Yes
  Europe       No
  North America       No