Backup Solutions

Don’t be caught out in an crisis.


It’s only when a crisis strikes that you will be grateful your took the appropriate precautions to ensure the safety and security of your valuable business data.


When it comes to the serious issue of protecting the longevity of your company information and records, PTS can provide a cost-effective and efficient solution that will give you the ultimate peace of mind. 


Losing vital data or information can really set a business and its profitability back, as well as create potential liabilities. Yet, many companies still rely on traditional magnetic tapes to provide their off-site backup.


So, make sure you have the most robust point-in-time back-up system implemented now, so that you never need worry about having your business grind to a halt if a data-loss situation were to strike.


We can safely, confidentially and securely store all of your crucial data remotely by using a number of virtual tape solutions. A simple on-premise device will replicate the information and securely transmit it directly to our data centre. We also offer clients the option of having those virtual tapes transferred to physical media, which are then stored in our facilities to further eliminate vulnerability.


We offer a range of centralised data centre facility options for companies running a substantial amount of IT infrastructure on site.


With PTS Backup Solutions, you can count on being able to reliably retrieve up-to-the-minute information if ever you should need to.  


Regional Capability

Last updated: Jun-2011


      Africa       No
  Asia       No
  Australia & NZ       Yes
  Europe       No
  North America       No