Pacifictech Smart Solutions

In today’s fast-moving, increasingly mobile world of business, your IT infrastructure needs to stay on pace.


20 years of global experience

Take care of your IT systems with simple, functional and cost-effective solutions that can be modified and updated to meet your business needs as they evolve. 


After over 20 years’ experience streamlining technology and software systems for some of the world’s most prominent industries and companies, PTS is proficient in finding the solution you need for increased efficiency.


We’ll take the time to understand your business

At PTS we work alongside you to ensure we understand your business and can navigate its internal processes before we start work. This kind of dedication and attention to detail will mean we can provide systems that will alleviate your business management intricacies and your time.


We’ll design accountancy and administrative software to your exact requirements, so that you have the best chance at developing a greater competitive edge. Our best practice IT software, systems and service should bring you closer to reaching your business potential and allow you to take advantage of changing market conditions and ensure stellar delivery of your own services and products.