Pacifictech Services

Behind every successful business are stellar technology systems and support.


Comprehensive and reliable

Comprehensive and reliable technology infrastructure and specialised software that works in harmony with your precise requirements is integral to a thriving business. Equally,  your systems needs to be flexible and malleable enough to handle the new growth and expansion of your company over time.


We’ll take care of the details, while you reap the rewards

But your technology updates should always be effortless and supported, which is why an intricate knowledge of your specific industry and requirements, coupled with excellent customer service, is key to the PTS approach to providing the best. We’ll ensure that you can stay focused on the job while we deliver a competitive edge through tailored IT technology and software.


Tailored to suit your business needs

PTS provides a number of sophisticated core services that can be implemented individually, tailored and modified with modular add-ons, or packaged together.


We pride ourselves on being able to act as both a Service Provider and a System Integrator to deliver maximum value and convenience for our customers.